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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Illegitimate Democracies (Dissident Voice)

On the Third Point of the Mont Order (L'Ordre)

Via DISSIDENT VOICE on December 10 2015

What is so special about “democracy” and “Western values” that it is worth committing such horrific atrocities and war crimes for these ideas? In the short time that they have dominated this century so far, the “democracies” have started more wars than anyone else.

They have kicked doors down, machine-gunned civilians and inflicted starvation on entire populations with economic sanctions. The “democracies” have ravaged and destroyed Libya in military aggression, and today wage new wars of occupation and regime change against a conspicuous number of different states. They cause so much suffering that anyone proud of “the West” and “democracy” today is as good as cancer. No ideology has attacked so many defenseless countries since the years of European fascism.

A person with anti-colonialist credentials must necessarily be skeptical of most so-called democratic regimes today. Frequently, the establishment of democracy is nothing but an idol, used as an excuse to bomb weaker states without effective technological means of governance or self-defense. It is a facade, as asserted in the third point of the new October code of the Mont Order society.

The root of this cancerous false belief that sentences whole countries to death is a critical error in ideology. Let us consider it. Liberal democracy is often declared as the best system of government in the world, the “end of history” according to neoconservative (neocon) ideology. Although this claim does have an apparent historical basis, it dismisses the other essential pillar of stable modern states, which is popular sovereignty. Popular sovereignty requires that communities get a chance to decide their own political future, rather than having it imposed on them by outsiders convinced of their superiority.

In the American and French revolutions, the first governments came to power based on models of modern sovereign democratic republics. Since that event, most liberal democracies have been copycat states modeled primarily on France. The British regime does not even qualify to go in this category, since it is a monarchy ruled still by politicians bred from the First Estate – that minority of brats who inherit their property and status rather than earning it.

But if we take a sober look at all the Western governments, it is clear that none of them are democratic, and what democratic features do exist are despised and subverted by the elected lawmakers. The only way of telling a “Western democracy” apart from any dictatorship is the use of elections to nod in the next group of wealthy oligarchs. Such elections have no impact on the state’s policies, which roll on according to designs predating the incumbent government. When an “elected” government disagrees with the public, the ruler simply dismisses public opinion or even accuses the public of being terrorists and traitors, as the British Prime Minister regularly does.

As the Mont Order information-sharing society acknowledged in the already mentioned third point of its new code, Western states are not led by their incompetent elected authorities at all but by a mixture of top civil servants and industrial contacts who form the “deep state”. This term refers to a community of unelected figures within the military and economic leadership of a country who decide what is best for everyone and what the wisest policy of the “elected” ruler should be. The wishes of the people, and in some cases even the wishes of the elected head of state, are subordinate to what the unelected experts and generals in particular departments say is necessary. The historic momentum of this “deep state” is such that it can be at war with its own people, even in the midst of what political scientists would call a healthy democracy. But if electoral democracy is actually meaningless and has no effect on the momentum of the state machinery, what is it for?

Democracy is most commonly bragged about when Western countries go to war, such as in the Iraq War or the UK’s recent move to bomb Syria without consulting public opinion. However, such acts were objectively anti-democratic. Polls everywhere showed massive popular opposition to the bombing. More importantly, the vast majority of Syrians cried out for their country not be bombed by Western aggressors like Britain. All popular cries for there to be no airstrikes, from the British or Syrian public, fell on the deaf ears of this fake democracy and the killing machine has been unleashed again.

Electoral democracy may amount to nothing other than the shallow ritual of the election. This is today more like a coronation, in the sense that it is supposed to make a ruler look more legitimate to an empty-headed audience. The ritual is done to dignify an excess of power and violence by what is still a small regime of armed thugs, who can now call themselves “legitimate” and others “illegitimate”. In fact, they are legitimate only insofar as they have fulfilled the minimum of their own absurd and arbitrary criteria to be called that.

Being an elected representative today is meaningless and hollow. It doesn’t mean a person is liked, and, in fact, most of them are hated passionately. Elected rulers are no more likely than a dictator to do what the millions of people they “represent” want. Due to the growth of populations since those offices were first established, what were once small and politically engaged communities are now faceless, vast and contradictory masses of people who cannot be sufficiently represented. Therefore, someone “elected” can do anything or nothing, no matter how unpopular, depending on whether the deep state will let him. The appearance of opposition or approval from the vast population of a modern state will be almost the same no matter what kind of rule follows. All this reduces “democracy” down to a mere idea, with no substance. It is not applied in any sense.

Although there is voter apathy, few people seriously question the legitimacy of so-called democracies as they exist today, but there are serious questions to ask. Why, for instance, are the same political families consistently nodded back into office over and over again in the United States? Why are they so special? And we must remember that this is the same regime that condemns other family-based governments in small states as “illegitimate”, or will instantly recognize the nomenklatura of a country like Libya or Syria and call for it to “go”. Should the people not recognize the Bushes and Clintons as corrupt ruling families and demand a ban on them being nodded into office again? A similar problem exists in the UK, but persists in the fact that only a few brats who attended expensive schools are ever raised as a politician.

If it is worthless trickery, as the vast majority of the youth will acknowledge by not participating, then why is so-called democracy maintained in the West? One answer is that it serves the already mentioned object of warmongering. Someone intoxicated by feelings of belonging to a great, superior democratic state after a favourable election will make war more promiscuously. Almost all Western aggression against non-Western countries is a crusade of “democracy”. If you strip them of their idol, it is like taking the cross away from those medieval lords and thugs who had the blood of oppressed people on their hands.

As in the past Westerners colonized the non-Western world with promises of the “true god”, today they colonize with promises of the “true democracy”. Eastern democracies like the Russian Federation or the Islamic Republic of Iran are dismissed as “false” by the theologians of Western superiority, but Western democracy is an equally meaningless coronation. All talk of “true” or “false” democracy by think tanks and regimes is a web of lies and self-deceptions to make white conquerors feel better about themselves when they commit murder.

Liberal democracy is not a perfect system of government, nor is it even recognizably much better than monarchies or dictatorships have been. Today’s Western democracies torture, spy, and make war on their own people, even comparing timid criticisms of their policies in the media with terrorist attacks. Today’s regimes are based on feeble assertions that a disinterested public has consented to be ruled, together with assertions of bygone cultural “values” that now offend everyone, and faded constitutions that cannot face the future.

Not only are Western democratic regimes not superior or more legitimate than others, but they are inferior and illegitimate because they encourage and excuse crimes against humanity. The offensive ideology waging war against humanity will go in the dustbin of history, and we will wish it was destroyed sooner.

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Mont Order’s Globalism (Dissident Voice)

On the Second Point of the Mont Order (L'Ordre)

Via DISSIDENT VOICE on November 19 2015

In October, the Mont Order society’s top bloggers talked about the central role of technology in political and social change. Mentioning that the Mont Order and other modern political gatherings depend on the internet to exist in their current state, the second point in the Mont Order society’s value system alluded to inevitable forms of globalization brought about by technology.

Although one type of globalization is negative, the type mentioned above is positive. It is negative globalization when one country tries to forcibly remake the world in its own image. When, on the other hand, there are winds of technological and social change compressing history and geography to create a more united global polity, that is positive globalization.

Rather than objecting to globalization in its entirety, we must distinguish between the inevitable forms of it and the imposed forms. What the Mont Order declared in its new code of values in October was its support of those inevitable forms, namely changes to civilization itself rather than new changes to hollow constitutions and ideologies.

As the text of the Mont Order’s second point itself reads:
The Order accepts positive and popular globalism based on the inevitable trajectories of technology to unite disparate people across borders. Our own identity is closely tied to events in the world, mainly involving technology, as the internet enabled this group to exist. We see how technology is escaping its creators’ designs and we celebrate this trend, which has also empowered us. However, we oppose with absolute conviction the neoconservative and neoliberal views of some major tech corporations including Google.
One Mont Order theorist mentioned that emerging technologies are “a big wild card” that could overturn the political order. Nanotechnology, which is also known as “atomically precise manufacturing” (APM) and threatens to replace whole existing industrial supply chains with miniaturized devices sufficient to keep in the household, is mentioned specifically. Most of the attention at the conference, however, goes to existing network technologies as a source of social change.

Of particular interest is the idea that those network technologies, being so radical in their potential to create a situation of equality and break monopolies on information, cannot be predicted or tamed by any current political elites. The whole machinery of modern states is behind the speed of modern media and political mobilization, putting those states in opposition to the people’s will because of their own inefficiency. Moreover, popular technologies are advancing and shattering the media landscape so quickly that their effects are not even predicted by the engineers who created them.

The Mont Order society, however, does comprehend the mystery. The theoretical framework for predicting the impact of recent and future technologies on states is well-practiced by both the Mont society’s members and Mont contacts in the political field, such as the social futurists.

An additional item of grave concern in the second point of the Mont Order society cannot be ignored by any responsible dissident. Some companies like Google work hard to portray themselves as anti-authoritarian and aligned with the axiom that knowledge is free, but they cannot be trusted.

Google has been seen cutting advertising features on the YouTube videos of small alternative media publishers. The Mont Order considers this to be a bitter attack by Google on the media revolution of the internet, giving preference to the higher bidders from the corporate media over the alternative media. Multiple commentators have pointed out these attacks on their YouTube channels, with US foreign policy critic Representative Press initiating a petition at to persuade Google to abandon any direct or indirect financial attack on small alternative media. Numerous Mont Order members have now added their signatures to this petition.

It might seem ironic, or even hypocritical, that circles such as the Mont Order promote resistance to technological and political monopolies by using the internet and following it up by celebrating emerging technologies like nanotechnology to redistribute power and authority. Surely, you might argue, these technologies are American in origin, so anyone who sees them as instruments of freedom must be under the sway of the cult of Western, US-led moral and political superiority. Furthermore, anyone supporting globalization is on the side of the corporate military globalization of US power.

One might also say that rifles are European in origin, so everyone who used them is, in fact, a supporter of colonialism. In reality, no invention has been more useful in the struggle against white colonialism than the rifle. Countless oppressed people can thank it for their independence.

Today, the reason countries are at the mercy of the superior technology of the West is only because technology has not been shared more evenly. There has always been a deliberate economic schema by the West, often called the “dependency” model, to deny most of the world’s peoples access to their own resources by denying them the scientific and industrial knowledge to fully exploit them.

The consensus at the Mont Order differs from most “Green” political rhetoric, by explicitly rejecting the luddite association of technology with coercion and oppression and preaching exactly the opposite. Technology is the source of liberation. The world needs more technology, more evenly distributed and available among rich and poor, in order to erode the injustices of hegemony and construct a more humane global alternative society.

For the first time in history, people are able to form and preach their own theories of the world and potentially reach audiences of thousands. It is not a time for people to feel isolated, censored or under the pain of grand conspiracies. Nevertheless, the authority figures who tightly controlled the airwaves in the past are no less determined to control them today. The only reason they fail today is that they are fighting against the very momentum of history, which has no interest in preserving their authority.

It doesn’t do any good for statesmen to try to control the media anymore. The chains of technology have evolved and spread so much that the task is now impossible. We have seen a desire on the part of states to “master” the internet, as they have termed it. But there is no evidence that the fiber-optic cable snooping techniques exposed by exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden have given states any greater ability to predict the future, make themselves safer, or react in any new way to crisis. Despite their excessive attempts to restrict freedom and monitor their citizens, Western governments today are more vulnerable than ever to the entire spectrum of opposition.

The most interesting ideology to have emerged through the internet rests on the axiom, already mentioned, that “knowledge is free”. Or, to put it as theorists of technological-social change called it even before the internet, the idea that “information wants to be free”. That idea has now carried all whistleblowers, pirates, alternative media commentators, and internet-led pressure groups to the same crossroad. Although they may differ among themselves, all these groups are lost together on one side of a great developmental gulf, a fracture in modernity itself. This is while the archaic and sluggish authority of all the courts, governments and the military-industrial complex has been left behind on the other side.

It is this developmental gulf that has now brought all Western democratic states to an ideological dead end from which they can no longer advance freedom, and can speak nothing but hypocrisy. It is also this historic gulf that the Mont Order society focused on in the largest and most important point of its program, because eventually the whole world must cross it.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Mont backing alternative media petition

The following petition at calls on Google to restore advertising revenue to small alternative media channels based on YouTube, and was signed by several members of the Order in recent days.

If you have not yet done so, please add your signature without delay. Google is discriminating against YouTube channels that contradict mainstream media and giving preference to corporate media advertising, to the neglect of small publications and freelance journalists. As Representative Press says, this imposes financial hardship on people who have invested their own time and money to bring the truth to their audiences via the internet.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Organizing without Organization (Dissident Voice)

On the First Point of the Mont Order

Via DISSIDENT VOICE on 8 November 2015

The internet has been called the largest experiment in anarchy. All online interaction seems to reflect this reality, and it is already necessary to respect it if one wishes to thrive online in terms of business or politics. In political terms, the internet drastically elevated the positions of common citizens, “hacktivists”, and even social movements.

Although the web has been with us now for quite a long time, it is still sufficiently new that its real potential to transform society has not yet been revealed. The second point in the Mont Order information society’s recent Seven Points program, which was developed by a council of five members in October of this year, addresses that mystery and our relationship to it. For now, the preceding point of the Mont Order’s new code must be considered, because it shares similar predictive power and is the necessary starting point.

The Order has clearly created an admirable model as an online activist group. It has demonstrated a capacity to grow, an ability to inspire devotion, and an ability to maintain relationships with networks of activists capable of real political pressure and change. Like Anonymous, it seats itself on a powerful meme, and the truth of any meme is subordinate to its popularity. Moreover, this article became necessary because it must influence existing devoted members of the Order and even greater reserves of candidates, who will receive their due blessing and support from Mont.

The first point addressed the kind of ideal organization anticipated by the Mont Order, both for itself and for aligned groups of activists and bloggers. That point can be called, in essence, organization without organization. The first point of seven states, “The Order maintains a philosophy based on collaboration, mutual support and grassroots coordination rather than traditional management.”

That means, as a principle, we might decide to shelter all who participate with us. Using the connections the internet brings, it would be no hard task for a determined collective to stand up and deny, disrupt, degrade and deceive any organized crackdown against a specific member. Any online affinity group can provide that cover to its members, as it is a fact that repressive governments or groups rely upon isolating their enemies in order to persecute them. Where only the elusive international Order can be tracked, and full responsibility cannot be placed on an individual, campaigns of persecution collapse with their own folly.

It is possible that the only reason Western governments are able to disempower their citizens by spying on their online habits is because the citizens are not party to a disparate enough collective, one dispersed even outside the jurisdiction of these regimes. Indeed, being party to an international collective not only denies these regimes power over you but robs them of their legitimacy, which is why such membership is a strategy for stateless strength and resistance across the globe.

As the internet radically reorganizes the way people communicate and coordinate, it wipes out the need for traditional forms of management and organization, piece by piece. No longer is it necessary for there to exist any kind of formal leadership, rules, politburo or legion of pamphleteers to disseminate a movement’s message for it. All the traditional mobilizing capabilities of a political party, media outlet or pressure group can be achieved without a formal organization or headquarters.

The constellation of technologies would actually enable a lone person to run a whole media outlet or social movement from his home. There are now multiple examples of such personalities to be found on the internet. Although that observation points to individuals gaining unprecedented power via the technology, one should never be dependent on one person’s apparent power or invulnerability. Personal activist brands developed online inevitably appear dictatorial, and they are coupled with a vulnerability to be being easily deemed illegal and taken offline at the behest of that brand’s detractors.

In order to survive disruption, alternative media groups and dissident movements will have to mimic the structure of the internet itself, linking to countless other sites and movements rather than emphasizing any single site or entity. By such means, they will entrench themselves, making it impossible to eradicate their influence without “switching off” the internet itself.

Microblogging websites like Twitter enable exactly the above entrenchment because of the ease of setting up accounts and pushing content through them, as well as rapidly building confidence and solidarity between the site’s millions of users. Already, powerful governments such as the Erdogan regime in Turkey have reacted viciously to Twitter, as well as YouTube, seeing no alternative but calling for them to be shut down.

If the internet can give activists the virtual trenches they need to withstand a legal and physical onslaught by the world’s most powerful governments to the extent that they see no alternative than to pull the plug, revolution in one form or another becomes inevitable. Events in Egypt, in which then-dictator Hosni Mubarak shut Facebook down, actually provoked enough outrage to give the Tahrir Square movement the social momentum it needed to succeed. For a government to switch off the whole internet would create an even more powerful tide.

Activists standing against the world’s most powerful regimes can take refuge in the internet. If we understand and mimic the social structure of the internet, promoting all solidarity and mutual assistance eventually between millions of users, the archaic states and authorities will find themselves powerless to silence the will of the people.

It can be predicted that applying non-traditional forms of leadership based on the internet could follow the Egyptian pattern, and put the political and media elite under so much strain that they have no option but to attack the grid itself and bring about a primitive collapse. By the same facts, the world’s most arrogant regime will spy on everyone, but it will not stop everyone.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Values of the Mont Order

Thank you to all esteemed members who participated in the October Conference of the Mont Order, conducted by global conference call.

The Order is striding into a new future. The values we convened to declare in October 2015 will be witnessed in the actions and steps of the Order to enhance its membership and its presence throughout the world in the coming years. These seven bold principles will define what kind of group we are and what kind of followers we embrace.

Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order

Mont Order decides on 7 principles

During a discussion of top members of the Mont Order society on 24 October, members put forward a series of thoughts and ideas that could be condensed into seven main values or principles for all members to observe, as follow.

A video is also due to be released by the Wave Chronicle, with the goal of presenting these values to the public and attracting new followers and members.

This is a change within the Mont Order. The Order has chosen to become more broken up and informal, with no official structures constraining its members. The idea is that this is a strength for a global scattered group which governs through the consent of its members.

This second point may be the most important of all. What distinguishes the Mont Order from so many similar activist groups is its understanding of how it came to be, in its current form. Recognizing the central role played by technology, the Order is prepared to make technological globalization, technological reach and knowledge circulation its main strength and its boldest, most unique principle.

Based on arguments made by existing members, this "demo-skeptic" view puts the Order into direct opposition to many Western governments, journalists and foreign policy think tanks.

The Order may seek to broaden its Muslim membership, and certainly expressed a strong understanding of the conflict situations and persecution that are the chief concern of many Muslims in the world today.

In this fifth point, the Mont Order attacks repressive regimes that have goals of conquest against other states or against local people who desire more autonomy, such as the people of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

This salient point expresses that the Mont Order will pursue what it sees as resistance, establishing that the Order will be part of the current axis of resistance fighting for the self-determination of oppressed people and against imperialist states.

In this final point, the Order announces that it will observe neutrality in the conflicts and debates between political parties and career politicians, in particular in electoral politics.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

NSU LEAKS: Was will der Arbeitskreis NSU?

Der Arbeitskreis NSU hat Medien und Politik ganz schön aufgemischt. Während viele in der investigativen Gruppe ein paar Verschwörer sehen, so werden sie in alternativen Medien eher aufgegriffen. Hier spricht der berüchtigte Blogger Fatalist über den Arbeitskreis NSU. Wie er zustande gekommen ist und was er eigentlich will.
Im Gegensatz zu vielen Recherchen über den NSU-Komplex haben sie nicht den Anspruch auf die Wahrheit. Diese gibt es bekanntlich ja nicht.  Sie wollen Widersprüche aufzeigen, die sie anhand der geleakten Akten entdeckt haben.

NSU LEAKS: Fragen zum Arbeitskreis NSU

-Neues Video zum AK NSU.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mont Order Statement Regarding The Transhumanist Party

On October 14, 2015, The members of the Mont Order Security Council declared no confidence regarding the Transhumanist Party in the USA and Europe. Simply, we do not believe that the Transhumanist Party is able to effectively represent the Transhumanist / Futurist communities. The Mont Order Security Council also does not believe that the Transhumanist Party is able to function as a political party and lacks the necessary knowledge to enable voters the opportunity to actually vote for a Transhumanist candidate.

The Mont Order Security Council will monitor events regarding any new or revamped Transhumanist based political party.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Statement on the Condemnation of the Ukrainian Regime by the Mont Order (6 September, 2015)

On 6 September 2015, the members of the Mont Order Security Council expressed the strongest condemnation of the ruling regime of Ukraine, which has held power over the people of Ukraine since an unconstitutional coup d'etat in 2014. Since this time, the Mont Order has watched as the regime integrated openly fascist criminals into its military and security forces and committed numerous war crimes inside Ukraine, including massacres of civilians in Odessa Oblast and Donetsk Oblast.

The Mont Order considers that this is an illegitimate regime, and that it has not been sufficiently condemned in the international community and by civil society for its fascist associations and its crimes against humanity. As a civil society body, the Mont Order believes that an avalanche of criticism of this criminal regime using all the tools of the Internet is necessary. The Order considers that anyone who supports the current Ukrainian regime in or outside of the conflict zone should be given the treatment of a Nazi collaborator and any state providing funding or arms to Ukraine is a state sponsor of terrorism.

While this regime considers that anyone who criticizes its brutality and illegitimacy is a Russian agent, the Order expresses that our association is not aligned with any single nation-state and has no agenda other than our own members' priorities. We are a diverse network with connections all over the world and our reasons for condemning regimes and recognizing their illegitimacy are our own.

We are not deterred by or interested in the Ukrainian regime's attempts to threaten its critics and opponents. This weak regime can do nothing to silence us.

Ukraine is not currently the worst regime in the world or the only regime that we condemn, and the Order may publish further lists of so-called states that we consider to be illegitimate. Such statements will be decided and authorized by the honorable members of the Order.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Mont Order's new black gold apparel

I want to post here some of the reactions to our idea to create a set of gold badges for Mont Order members. Two of us put together some funds to make this gift possible and it will be mailed out to Security Council parties as they send us the needed information.

This is not a medal, but it is a gift and should be considered an award to our most devoted members to encourage them to do even more for the good of the Order. We don't want the Mont Order to become like so many other organizations demanding money from their members, and we will instead make efforts to circulate all gifts and knowledge we possess to our members without any cost. If you put something into the Order, the chances are you are going to get a lot more out of it.

As an alert to Mont Order members, your badge will not be delivered on its own but will include documents on our ongoing actions and we would appreciate any commitment to these actions by our members, which will tremendously enhance our influence and make our collective voice louder.

As a suggestion, I am also considering the possible creation of exclusive insider books to be sent to our most committed members, explaining the ideal plan and purpose of the Mont Order, as well as tactics and success indicators for us to refer to as a group. These secret books would be negotiated and approved at our internal forums, and later used to instruct new members brought into the heart of the Order.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Mont Order seal in art

I am posting these full pictures for editing and use by Mont Order members as they prefer.

These artworks were created by me using textile spray paint over an ornate stencil, on a textile surface. The actual artwork is less eye-catching than the digital versions, for which I increased contrast and these are available in full size by clicking on the thumbnails here.

Anyone can alter and use these images if you ever need a catchy image to go alongside an article relating to the Mont Order.

Methods used:
* Cherry red textile spray paint
* Black plain polycotton fabric
* Rough stencil featuring the Mont Order seal

I designed the Mont Order's current seal to incorporate references to other, older symbols and the original symbols referenced in online urban legends about the Mont Order itself.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The New Mont Order Dissidents

Wisdom emerges through endurance and diversity

Published at Dissident Voice July 11, 2015

In my past articles on the Mont Order club, I talked about what the group used to be and how I think it represents an ideal of wisdom through diversity of religious, political and philosophical thought that I see a great role for in the world.

Since I last wrote on this subject, the Internet has proved to be firm and reliable ground upon which to rebuild the Mont Order as a real community and a real organization. This means that a new iteration of the Mont Order exists and the group is no longer defunct. At this time, a promising number of bloggers have come forward to build the voice of the new Mont Order in 2015, and we predict that our group will come to include hundreds of voices in different countries.

I want this article to serve as something of a guide to make their journey easier, as well as to illuminate our nature for all people who may take an interest in the newest variant of the group we have come to call “the Mont Order”. Some of our earlier members have had a rough journey, largely due to regretfully misunderstanding what the Mont Order is and whether or not we have any uniform ideology or agenda at all. It is apparently very easy for people to fall into the trap of fantasizing that this group is more than it really is, even when I go to great lengths to represent its current status accurately.

Much of the fault for this difficulty in the formative period of the new organization has been mine, for failing to publish helpful information on Mont earlier and reduce any possibility of misunderstanding. I now have an apparently clear responsibility to explain what the Mont Order really is as an organization, and portray its current status accurately.

There is scarcely any alternative than to explain things exactly as they are, rather than veiling ourselves behind already prevalent misconceptions about the Mont Order on the blogosphere. If the following explanation is still too hard to grasp, I encourage you to get in touch with our members directly to talk about your concerns. There is no substitute for speaking to our advisers directly, as simply researching this subject in the dark seas of the Internet will not likely suffice.

At the time of writing, the Mont Order refers to two different actors. The second is something of which I know a great deal and am quite actively involved in, and of the first I know very little other than that it is probably a body of rumor and fiction. Were one to confuse the two, one may doubt our very existence as a group or use our existence to see evidence supporting absurd conspiracy theories that already misled millions in the culture of the Internet.

The first Mont Order as an ideal

The first “Mont Order”, the ideal Mont Order, is not an existent organization. Several groups throughout history, including the Montagnards who brought about the French Revolution and a small 2010-2012 Religious Studies group I once helped appear to have used similar names and allegories to the Mont Order’s own. Whether they are really connected is not known to me. That Mont Order can be seen more accurately as a tradition that has worked inexorably towards building bridges of understanding among diverse people and groups, rather than isolating itself to form its own homogeneous culture in the way religions and cults do.

There is a body of rumor, mythology and apparently even a book called The Work of the Mont Order, all containing image and metaphor that I used to base the new organization of the second Mont Order upon. When I first came up with the idea of the new Mont Order as a fully-fledged dissident circle in 2014, I used these images and metaphors to design a motto and a seal for our use as an organization, but most of the similarities to the myth of the Mont Order ended there. The myth itself appears to have held that the first Mont Order is the oldest organization in the world, and has actively shaped the course of human history since before the dawn of civilization. That claim may even be true, but I am not aware of such answers and the current organization has no means to confirm them.

The second Mont Order as a reality

It is the second Mont Order that I know to be real, and it is currently reaching out to many bloggers to form a real community of diverse thinkers. Based on what we have talked about both publicly and on our internal threads, it is clear that we currently consider ourselves to be a new kind of pressure group that relies primarily on blogging and other forms of online publishing to promote a variety of progressive causes and other, more scientific developments such as transhumanism. Although we maintain as much coherence as possible in our message and we select members in the first place for their dissident credentials or their sociological foresight, the choice of causes supported by the Order is ultimately governed by the priorities of our incumbent members. Therefore, we have no set agenda and the Order answers to no-one but itself.

The Mont Order as a continuum

Where possible, we may make reference to the first Mont Order, the fictive group that may have traced its origins to the dawn of humanity itself, only to enhance the mystique and cultural appeal of the second Order. This is no deception, nor is it any other crime, but a means of solidarity that has been practiced by all people since the inception of writing. We constantly describe community by making reference to other communities, and even ultimately to concepts and ideals that have no substance of their own. Indeed, if you dig deep enough, all communication is made of allusion to some half-truths, fictions and ideals. One cannot describe the real Mont Order organization by reference to any other group or thing than the first Mont Order, the myth.

To sum up what I have tried to explain so far, I will say again that the first Mont Order, the group addressed by people who are likely conspiracy theorists, forgers and authors of fiction, appears quite non-existent. However, concurrently, I know that the second Mont Order is real and I intentionally used some images and phrases associated with the first to help inspire and model the second.

While it almost sounds like an act of dishonesty on my part to have equated a real organization with a possibly fictional one, the emergent success of the Mont Order as a formula for a new type of Internet-borne dissident group has convinced me that I took the right action. Our formula still requires that the name of the Mont Order should be carried by myth and meme, the most contagious and the most effective political phenomena that have yet allowed ideas to be circulated rapidly through new communication media.

What is most important for our prospective members and other Mont supporters and activists throughout the Internet to now consider is that we are not hiding anything from the public. What we have shown you is all that there is, and our members, in fact, support absolute transparency, except when it comes to subject matters where there is nothing certain to reveal.

We do not seek aggrandizement but the recognition that the Order exists and that the ideal of power and wisdom through endurance and diversity, as alluded to in the Order’s names and symbols, is also real. Our current three-way watchword, “Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order”, like our emblem, had no particular meanings in mind when it was first used by me but was a reapplication of the same recurrent words and symbols in the Mont myth preceding the Order.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Mont Order's invitations

This is a public call for people to embrace their invitations to join the Mont Order. Whether you have received an invitation to join our exclusive club or you have decided to request an invitation to join us, I encourage you to take advantage of a unique opportunity now.

The Mont Order is currently a loose federation of writers and networks. We are a novel kind of online collective that takes its name from the "Mont Order" sect described in urban legends as the world's oldest organization. We count dissidents, bloggers and even entire sociopolitical movements as part of our family.

Recently, we were honored to add Voice of East, the primary ideological magazine of Pakistan, to our list of members. We also added the government-censored British dissident Simon Tomlin to our club, and D. Helene, author of Diary of a 99%er.

We are turning out to be a diverse and potentially extremely influential club of writers who work together to amplify our collective message. If you believe you are our kind of blogger, and you need the support a community online, come into the arms of the Mont Order and witness your voice and your influence being amplified.

The Mont Order is in its formative state at the moment, allowing those who are invited to our club to ultimately shape what kind of club we are. If you are added to our Order, you will be raised into the leadership and core membership of the Order as it grows and develops into the online pressure group it is destined to be. It is not an opportunity to be squandered, as we take this organization very seriously and each of our members are unconditionally gifted with the utmost respect and sovereignty by us. That is just the way we work and sustain the devotion of our members.

If you have ever thought of the esteem and influence that comes from successfully publishing and broadcasting your ideas through the Internet, imagine doing so in the arms of a powerful meme that is covering the whole world. Imagine calling upon an ever-growing host of fellow authors to support you via social media and blog posts, and innovating whole new ways for a community to support its individual members online.

The Order uses the motto "Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order", and that is precisely our promise to everyone who chooses to be a member of our Order.

If you feel that the Mont Order is your kind of collective, shout out to our advisers on Twitter and you'll only have to wait for the review of your membership by the Security Council, after which you will promptly receive an exclusive invitation to the Order.

Security Council of the Mont Order
Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order
Contact me by tweeting to @LOrdreNet on Twitter. An invitation to join the Order is highly likely to be granted but is not guaranteed, as you must pass the review process at the Mont Order Security Council.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Order's destiny and the errors of nationalism

Based on the concerns expressed to me by one of my loyal and devoted brothers from the Order, I feel compelled to make the following comments to the public blog and to my own blog, The Mont Order Digital Blessings Front. My brother is wise and his judgment should not be questioned by us.

The Mont Order should not commit any resources to support nationalism in any form, and should not entertain any theory about the rights or destiny of any nation in any statement issued. My own opinion is that no nation deserves any devotion or to be treated with any respect or authority.

The Order preceded all the nations in the world is more enduring than them. It is more worthy of celebration and devotion by humanity than any nation. To us, the pompous might of each nation, including the United States of America, is but a passing blemish on the face of mankind and we will eliminate it.

We were present when the Roman Empire fell to the flames of inevitability, and we will be present again when the American empire is destroyed. Our agents will not cause it, but nor shall we do anything to prevent the fall of the blade of justice upon that regime.

I do not ask our members to forsake their nations, but be clear that a nation is parochial and bound to the land. The Order has no such weakness, transcending all borders, all geography, and all time through the gift of God that we call the Internet.

We were present when the nations were created, and we will be present when they are all eliminated and all tribal devotions are eclipsed by humanity's common destiny.

Inheritance. Equilibrium. Order.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Introducing D. Helene's "Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Self-Expression"

Dear Readers,

Life in the West is not all that some may imagine. While superficially and materially there may (or may not) be more to content one’s self with the vast majority of people are often stuck in the “rat race,” a seemingly never-ending struggle to keep up with the norms of a society that largely ignores the spiritual health of its members and while appearing more affluent than many of us in the East they are locked into a mind-numbing and soul-crushing existence where even the simple pleasures of living that we sometimes take for grant are missing. “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” – the US particularly exemplifies this existence while in my observation it would be more aptly described the Land on the Unconsciously Enslaved within the Heart of Fear. A powerful elite has obtained almost complete dominance of society in a way that is quite pervasive and intrusive. The Occupy Movement named that elite the 1%. Only the 1% by my estimation actually enjoy to some degree the freedom of that society; a freedom they use to err greatly.

By contrast the life of the 99% is one dominated by hierarchy, bureaucracy and the expectation of mental slavery. Where if you don’t keep up and shut up you might easily find yourself struggling even to survive in a place that otherwise looks like paradise. A place where being poor is seen as a crime and being truly free is viewed as subversive. To free one’s self from the chains of mental slavery – as per the words of the famous song by Bob Marley – one really must attain to a spiritual awakening and real freedom.

One of my family members experienced this life first hand. She was changed by that experience. Living under such duress of pretend affluence working for the boss from hell in none other than the fashion industry, I could no longer recognize the kind and loving sister I once knew. She exhibited even some psychosis – waking in the middle of every night cursing and moving around in an agitated state within her apartment while I visited her once in New York City. I engaged her in her dream state: “Who am I?” “You know damn well who you are, you f@#$ing b^*ch,” then saying the name of her boss. This is not an acceptable “side-effect” of pursuing one’s dream, neither was the disguised poverty or anorexia. I wish she had given up that rat race then to pursue her bliss rather than a mere objective of superficial affluence and high fashion.

Our associate D. Helene has written a book addressing all these issues while giving insight upon what life is like living in that society. Most importantly she addresses the conundrum of a very modern life in Southern California; how to free one’s self from the struggle of living paycheck-to-paycheck in such an affluent, consumerist-based via a spiritual path. Although ostensibly a fictional account I sense that the author has lived out these experiences in one way or another.

You can sample her unique style in her self-published work “Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Self-Expression” here and see if her work resonates with you. I certainly wish my sister could have read it when going through her career and personal struggles years ago.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Statement on the Creation of the Mont Order Security Council (5 June, 2015)

On 5 June 2015, the members of the Mont Order "Club" (also "Associates"), consented to the creation of the Security Council of the Mont Order. The Security Council will be a body distinct from the Club but part of the whole Order, and will exist for the purpose of the improved coordination and security of the Order.

The decision to create this new body is informed by the rapid and successful enlargement of the Mont Order's total membership, and the accompanying security concerns that have been raised relating to the previous limited structures and means of communication used by the Order.

The members of the Security Council agree to involve themselves, where possible, in authorizing resolutions and decisions relating to the continuity, security, and efficiency of the Order.

As the Order continues with its current goal to include over 100 declared parties in its broader Club, as advanced at the February Conference of 2015, the members of the Security Council look forward to designing new ways to accommodate the needs and interests of all parties of the Order on the principle of mutual security and support via online media.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

"a new and truly confederate order of high morals and sterling law is the answer"

"I support the People of Novo Rossiya but I discerned months ago that there are those who are seizing power in the country the same as who will sell the people out to their enemies and so-called friends. The current leadership will slowly purge all the true patriots and those who ask for their full rights. It is much the same as we can perceive in so very many historic situations. Even why Communism and Capitalism have failed as an ideology, rather than strive for the rights of all and true equality a few subverted the order to their own will. They use every sort of divisiveness to make people fear and turn ethnicities and an orientation to oppose those different from them to retain power.

Therefore, a new and truly confederate order of high morals and sterling law is the answer not only in Novo Rossiya but to some degree in every corner of the world. Sovereignty resides by natural right with the individual, then family, their neighbourhood / village and in concentric circles to that of the nation and the community of nations. A nation egalitarian and free ruled directly by the people rather than authoritarian structures ruling by so-called "law" and any false ideology.

I think some have dreamt of this in Novo Rossiya or at least completely rejected the corrupt and morally bankrupt rule of oligarchs and tyrants; tired, beaten and scattered by war and an evil chaos, I can understand how true heroes are forsaken. It will require a spiritual revolution to sustain a drive anywhere to achieve the freedom all seek to enjoy. There are those who cling to life before freedom while still hoping to enjoy it one day. I understand that.

However, I myself have forsaken three nations that did not allow me to live freely and I do whatever I am able to support the freedom and lives of all others. I pray for those who remain in Novo Rossiya. (And for those who remain behind everywhere.) And send salutations to those who journey to the far shore! Blessings All!

Keep Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds all of your days!"

This post originally appeared on our associate Robert Wei's Blog "The Flutter of my Sleeve" entitled "What All Desire but Fail to Achieve & A Farewell to Heroes: Observations on the ousting and assassination of certain figures in NovoRossiya" in January of this year. It reflects only his personal opinion and not the opinion of all members of the Mont Order. We hope that you will consider his position.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

U.N. Child Rape Cover-Up Exploding

United Nations high-level staff members made no attempt to stop soldiers from raping African children and covered up their inaction, according to human rights group AIDS-Free World documents released Friday. Rather than immediately acting to protect children from sexual abuse reported by U.N. long term staffer Anders Kompass, the U.N. acted against him with disciplinary procedures to force the whistle-blower‘s resignation, according to the newly leaked documents.

Read more here.

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Questions on the revival of fascism in Europe, Asia

From the L'Ordre blog based with Beliefnet, this weekend:

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nonpartisanship: a change of course for the L'Ordre blog

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Mont Order now controls

Today, I took the step of publishing the new Mont Order shared blog to the domain name That's why you are currently here.

In order to be equitable, this blog will not be monetized in any way, because such a step would produce disproportionate benefits for me as the owner of the blog. The blog will not utilize ads and, as an assurance to that end, it has been set up using a completely different Google account to my own, with no Adsense.

I hope that this blog can serve as a hub between (eventually) hundreds of blogs, where the blog owners can place links to their work, links to their books, etc. As a hub, it will eventually be capable of generating an extraordinary amount of traffic and sending it to our members' websites and blogs. That in turn will generate more advertising revenue to our members.

So, indirectly, this website could actually make money for our members (and if millions of people are eventually drawn to the Mont Order's unusual nature, that could be a lot of money). The trick will be for everyone to occasionally contribute posts, and to place a link to this shared blog from their own blog, preferably with the following badge linking to

I also encourage all our members to place mutual links to each other's blogs, allowing traffic from all members' blogs to be combined and shared. The greater this flow of traffic, the more effectively all our blogs will be noticed throughout the Internet and the higher our content will rank on services such as

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