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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

"a new and truly confederate order of high morals and sterling law is the answer"

"I support the People of Novo Rossiya but I discerned months ago that there are those who are seizing power in the country the same as who will sell the people out to their enemies and so-called friends. The current leadership will slowly purge all the true patriots and those who ask for their full rights. It is much the same as we can perceive in so very many historic situations. Even why Communism and Capitalism have failed as an ideology, rather than strive for the rights of all and true equality a few subverted the order to their own will. They use every sort of divisiveness to make people fear and turn ethnicities and an orientation to oppose those different from them to retain power.

Therefore, a new and truly confederate order of high morals and sterling law is the answer not only in Novo Rossiya but to some degree in every corner of the world. Sovereignty resides by natural right with the individual, then family, their neighbourhood / village and in concentric circles to that of the nation and the community of nations. A nation egalitarian and free ruled directly by the people rather than authoritarian structures ruling by so-called "law" and any false ideology.

I think some have dreamt of this in Novo Rossiya or at least completely rejected the corrupt and morally bankrupt rule of oligarchs and tyrants; tired, beaten and scattered by war and an evil chaos, I can understand how true heroes are forsaken. It will require a spiritual revolution to sustain a drive anywhere to achieve the freedom all seek to enjoy. There are those who cling to life before freedom while still hoping to enjoy it one day. I understand that.

However, I myself have forsaken three nations that did not allow me to live freely and I do whatever I am able to support the freedom and lives of all others. I pray for those who remain in Novo Rossiya. (And for those who remain behind everywhere.) And send salutations to those who journey to the far shore! Blessings All!

Keep Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds all of your days!"

This post originally appeared on our associate Robert Wei's Blog "The Flutter of my Sleeve" entitled "What All Desire but Fail to Achieve & A Farewell to Heroes: Observations on the ousting and assassination of certain figures in NovoRossiya" in January of this year. It reflects only his personal opinion and not the opinion of all members of the Mont Order. We hope that you will consider his position.

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