The Mountain, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Order's destiny and the errors of nationalism

Based on the concerns expressed to me by one of my loyal and devoted brothers from the Order, I feel compelled to make the following comments to the public blog and to my own blog, The Mont Order Digital Blessings Front. My brother is wise and his judgment should not be questioned by us.

The Mont Order should not commit any resources to support nationalism in any form, and should not entertain any theory about the rights or destiny of any nation in any statement issued. My own opinion is that no nation deserves any devotion or to be treated with any respect or authority.

The Order preceded all the nations in the world is more enduring than them. It is more worthy of celebration and devotion by humanity than any nation. To us, the pompous might of each nation, including the United States of America, is but a passing blemish on the face of mankind and we will eliminate it.

We were present when the Roman Empire fell to the flames of inevitability, and we will be present again when the American empire is destroyed. Our agents will not cause it, but nor shall we do anything to prevent the fall of the blade of justice upon that regime.

I do not ask our members to forsake their nations, but be clear that a nation is parochial and bound to the land. The Order has no such weakness, transcending all borders, all geography, and all time through the gift of God that we call the Internet.

We were present when the nations were created, and we will be present when they are all eliminated and all tribal devotions are eclipsed by humanity's common destiny.

Inheritance. Equilibrium. Order.

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