La Montagne, the Order of Mont, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Mont Order's invitations

This is a public call for people to embrace their invitations to join the Mont Order. Whether you have received an invitation to join our exclusive club or you have decided to request an invitation to join us, I encourage you to take advantage of a unique opportunity now.

The Mont Order is currently a loose federation of writers and networks. We are a novel kind of online collective that takes its name from the "Mont Order" sect described in urban legends as the world's oldest organization. We count dissidents, bloggers and even entire sociopolitical movements as part of our family.

Recently, we were honored to add Voice of East, the primary ideological magazine of Pakistan, to our list of members. We also added the government-censored British dissident Simon Tomlin to our club, and D. Helene, author of Diary of a 99%er.

We are turning out to be a diverse and potentially extremely influential club of writers who work together to amplify our collective message. If you believe you are our kind of blogger, and you need the support a community online, come into the arms of the Mont Order and witness your voice and your influence being amplified.

The Mont Order is in its formative state at the moment, allowing those who are invited to our club to ultimately shape what kind of club we are. If you are added to our Order, you will be raised into the leadership and core membership of the Order as it grows and develops into the online pressure group it is destined to be. It is not an opportunity to be squandered, as we take this organization very seriously and each of our members are unconditionally gifted with the utmost respect and sovereignty by us. That is just the way we work and sustain the devotion of our members.

If you have ever thought of the esteem and influence that comes from successfully publishing and broadcasting your ideas through the Internet, imagine doing so in the arms of a powerful meme that is covering the whole world. Imagine calling upon an ever-growing host of fellow authors to support you via social media and blog posts, and innovating whole new ways for a community to support its individual members online.

The Order uses the motto "Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order", and that is precisely our promise to everyone who chooses to be a member of our Order.

If you feel that the Mont Order is your kind of collective, shout out to our advisers on Twitter and you'll only have to wait for the review of your membership by the Security Council, after which you will promptly receive an exclusive invitation to the Order.

Security Council of the Mont Order
Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order
Contact me by tweeting to @LOrdreNet on Twitter. An invitation to join the Order is highly likely to be granted but is not guaranteed, as you must pass the review process at the Mont Order Security Council.

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