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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

(Part II) The Mont Order on political violence and protest

"I've been following the Oregon protestors, and I also read Harry's blog, saw the trolling on Twitter, etc... Not really sure how I feel about the whole ordeal. But I do think that the state's reluctance to do nothing, sends a message that non-violent protests (post-Civil Rights era) have been an epic failure. I am not saying this as a bystander, but as a person who's been arrested for non-violence civil disobedience, and lived in a community of activists.
"I also tend to agree with Harry... that it really doesn't have anything to do with color per se. Prior to 9/11, non-violent protests were predominantly white, and the state apparatus assaulted men and women alike while they continuously sent out moles and agent-provocateurs. This continued through the second Bush administration, so my perception tends to interpret their actions -- which, aside from arms is not so different from a sit-in (think breaking and entering, cutting fences, squatting, etc...) -- as *favoritism* coming from the neoliberal and neocon establishment.
"I guess what pisses me off the most, is not the #VanillaISIS ideology... but the fact that the criminal justice system has shown they will not arrest even ONE person. ... And every non-violent protester knows damn well... there will always be at least ONE arrest. Which is why I'm not really sure how to read this whole thing. First... I want to know what happened to the post-WTO plan by the feds? They have a very thick report on how they will assault and contain protestors ... so how on earth are these guys getting away?" 
-- Bree's Corner, Mont Order member and genealogist

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