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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Mont Order's theories on political violence

In light of disturbing protest actions in Oregon, in which armed US militiamen occupied a Federal facility and were not treated as terrorists but as protesters to be negotiated with, Mont Order thinkers wondered why these armed protesters were treated gently. In contrast, Occupy protesters were treated harshly in the past, as one member points out.

Mont Order members wrote in with the following views on the events in Oregon specifically, and the individuals involved:

"In America, we have a set of laws, for the most part they work. These individuals in Oregon are scumbags. Looking for a fight for the sake of a fight. Guns toting individuals storming a federal facility is beyond the pale. 
"Most of the land issues in the west is due to the land having depleted uranium (Weapon Testing) or have uranium deposits. I can understand a ranchers issue of land that the family has owned for 100 or more years being taken away, it sucks but they are being paid. So if it is a money issue, then they should be paid more but they still have to give up the land. I am sorry but you simply cannot have land with uranium deposits. 
"It is knowing the right battle to pick. The Oregon one is the wrong one, it is basically dumb white hicks being dumb white hicks. They only good thing for them is that they are white, so most likely they will not end up dead. If those same people was black, they would have been dead and buried already. 
"If you are looking for a worthy battle to fight is the State of Michigan and the City of Flint knowingly poisoning every single child with lead poisoning. More than 2x the limit. It has to be one of the worst crimes not prosecuted in my life. This issue was know for easily a year and they still made a decision to poison the children. "
-- Mike Dodd, Wave Chronicle Editor
"[Militants in Oregon have] done more than "protest," if I understand correctly; they've taken possession of a government building and declared their intention to hold it, if necessary by force of arms. In order to decide whether or not I could support that, I'd need to get a better understanding of their grievances, and of what steps prior to this they took to seek redress of those grievances."
-- Thomas Knapp, Garrison Center Director
"In regards to the stand off in Oregon? Outsiders picking a fight with the Fed. over this issue is BAD. very bad for the Militia Patriot Movement and activism in general. The only real support for this stand off comes from outsiders who don't understand the history and culture of the area. This situation in Burns is complex and is not black and white, it's mostly gray. I personally don't want anyone hurt or detained. I wish the Bundees would just go home [support the G.O.H.O.M.E campaign here]. Oregon is an open carry state. Oregon does not recognize concealed carry by out of state permit holders, although many states recognize Oregon's concealed carry permits. The bottom line is, if your going to Pack don't take it lightly, and you most be prepared to go the distance if the shit hits the fan. Personally I'm not for some freaken cow rights to graze in Wildlife Refuge Areas and it should be fenced off to keep the cows out of the wet lands, they can graze everywhere else around the area but ranchers must pay for the privilege to graze on BLM land. dumb fight, dumb issue, wrong time. Oregonians in general don't like the Fed. or outsiders telling us how to live our lives here, we will take care of it on our own"
-- NaughteeisMaxim, Mont member blogger and content curator

On the overall theory of political violence in the world, however, Mont opinions seem to be more mixed:

"Where corruption exists in conjunction with no ability of the people to vote out the government armed force is justified"
-- Dirk Bruere, Zero State (transhumanist group)
"I would publish or act in support of armed protesters. My concern is not whether or not they are armed (I've BEEN an armed protester!), but whether or not they act rightly. If they use their arms to initiate force against innocent others, no, I won't support them. If they use their arms in self-defense, or to forewarn their opponents that if attacked they will defend themselves, I think they're within their rights whether or not I agree with their particular cause."
-- Thomas KnappGarrison Center Director
"Generally speaking I believe 'armed protesting' is in bad taste.There are circumstances when being 'concealed carry' might be appropriate if it is in the spirit of 'self defense' and not intimidation or 'self offense'. You must pick those situations carefully and only as a last resort.
-- NaughteeisMaxim, Mont member blogger and content curator
"Armed resistance is something we should not be a part of. The main reason is that we do have a set of laws in most countries. I understand that may not work well where some of our other Mont Order members are."
-- Mike DoddWave Chronicle Editor 
Other members preferred to let these members speak for them, due to the lack of background information on the events in Oregon or on the subjects of political violence and intimidation.

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