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The Mont Order has gathered internet users into special lists since 2014 and given random forms of help, collaboration, product-sharing and influence-building to esteemed authors and dissidents. The purpose of this site is for information only.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mont Order 2016 February Conference

In the tradition of the February 2015 conference, the members of the Mont Order held a productive cross-cultural and cross-ideological conference on 20 February 2016.

A transcript is not yet available of the discussion, which was convened by Wave Chronicle Editor Mike Dodd to discuss citizenship, globalization and other present day issues in political events and philosophy.

A diverse set of views were expressed at the conference. Participants were as follows:
  • Mike Dodd
  • Bree's Corner
  • D. Helene
  • Voice of East
  • Dirk Bruere (Zero State)
  • Harry Bentham (Beliefnet)

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