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The Mont Order has gathered internet users into special lists since 2014 and given random forms of help, collaboration, product-sharing and influence-building to esteemed authors and dissidents. The purpose of this site is for information only.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mont Order February 2016 Part 1: Introduction

Participating members


Mike Dodd: Host. Former Mont member.


L'Ordre: Friend of the Mont Order society and author at Dissident Voice. Follow on Twitter @LOrdreNet


Dirk Bruere: Nominal leader at Zero State. Transhumanist Party UK activist and NeoPax founder. Follow on Twitter @dirkbruere


Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi: Editor of the Pakistan-based politics newsletter Voice of East (VOE). Follow on Twitter @QudsiaMashhadi


Dee Helene: US-based activist and author of Diary of a 99 Percenter. Follow on Twitter @DHelene42


Mony Price: Political futurist blogger. Follow on Twitter @MonyPrice




MIKE: Figured we can go over the citizenship item. I have now I sent out a PDF.


L'ORDRE: Some bullet points I think we can just go through.


MIKE: The idea was to keep that issue as simple as possible. It's not to cover like everything citizenship would cover. It's basically almost like a basic human right item. And the way I meant to write this up as was between native citizens to their countries. Should be one set for those folks. And then another set for global citizens. Obviously there are more rights for native citizens for obvious reasons[1]. For the global citizens it's more of a right for them to return home. To pass through territory. Should be necessary for them to get back to where they belong. Right to representation and again some basic rights for food water shelter and emergency help


L'ORDRE: I just thought I'd point out Mike that the issue to do with people returning to the country of origin. It seems that in a lot of politics. A lot of current politics. It's more an issue to do with people not wanting to return to the country of origin that's usually the issue isn't it, nowadays, wouldn't you agree?


MIKE: Some folks currently in the European situation. It's more of a right to pass through. As far as returning home - that's assuming there's not a world war.


L'ORDRE: Yeah. Because I mean. For example a country like Syria might want its citizens to return home because it doesn't want there to be a drain on its resources, on its population. You know. if more talented people left. The thing is that they might not want to return home. On the other side as well, you've got people that are annoyed at what they perceive as a refugee problem. Well it's not my opinion that's just the opinion of a lot of people.


MONY: Yeah I saw the footage of the protests in Greece. I couldn't believe how angry the local population is. I mean they were really angry. I was like wow, you know, this is not what I thought would have happened, fifteen years ago.

[1] Counter-argument presented on p. 11-12

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