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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Friends of the Mont Order group re-branded

As agreed with the Friends of the Mont Order group, the Friends of the Mont Order group (based on Facebook) longer uses the name of the Friends of the Mont Order and will change its url. The title had become misleading for some time, leading to a state of affairs members were often uncomfortable with as the users in the group were not followers of Mont but only people interested in the topics being posted about.

Links directing users to that Facebook group may be removed from Mont Order pages and corresponding accounts, and links and references to Mont will be removed from that group. The succeeding group, "Technology and Politics" is a better description of the group's role and this will be considered a friendly group to the Order. Users are still encouraged to participate in the new group but not to expect a high degree of respect from the users there, as the majority of the group's users are not followers of the Mont Order or of any interest to Mont and its activity. I encourage users to go there but to post only content related to radical political uses of technology, a concept our group is closely tied to and some - but not all - of our members are interested in.

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