La Montagne, the Order of Mont, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Mont Order Images Gallery created on the Order's

Mont Order souvenir books and badges. Via

A new Mont gallery has been added to the website to recommend content creators and journalists use more sensitively chosen images alongside articles related to Mont Order.

The creation of this gallery comes at a time when sensational fantasy-themed illustrations related to the Mont Order are easily searchable online and prone to appear in search results.

You can visit the new gallery to choose appropriate images to use alongside any article relating to the Mont Order group.

Mont Order Images Gallery

To make these image choices more popular, web creators are encouraged to leave a link back to the original image as well as appropriate credit to the website. Ultimately, we have no control over what images appear about us online, but the Mont Order can hope creators will opt to use the gallery when appropriate.

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