The Mountain, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

Mont Order Code

Obtained from the Mont Order's 24 October 2015 "Security Council" discussion:

1. The Order maintains a philosophy based on collaboration, mutual support and grassroots coordination rather than traditional management.

2. The Order accepts positive and popular globalism based on the inevitable trajectories of technology to unite disparate people across borders. Our own identity is closely tied to events in the world, mainly involving technology, as the internet enabled this group to exist. We see how technology is escaping its creators' designs and we celebrate this trend, which has also empowered us. However, we oppose with absolute conviction the neoconservative and neoliberal views of some major tech corporations including Google.

3. The Order questions the legitimacy of democratic regimes in the West and asserts that they are really driven by the "deep state" of regime insiders and employees, in particular military and industrial figures.

4. The Order can relate to the Islamic world and hopes that it will overcome Wahhabism and Takfiri sectarianism, which are plots sown against Muslims to attack their unity.

5. The Order questions the territorial claims of countries which rely on colonial policies of occupation, censorship and human rights abuses to make these claims.

6. The Order supports all liberation, resistance and anti-nationalism in the sense that the movements are directed against occupying and colonial central governments.

7. The Order does not endorse the careers of specific politicians or registered political parties, as it keeps its doors open to broader global collaboration.

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