The Mont Order has gathered users through the internet since 2014, offering collaboration, product-sharing and influence-building to esteemed authors and dissidents. The purpose of this site is to help boost our authors.

Who are the Mont Order?

The Mont Order is an information society of writers and networks based in different countries who collaborate to broaden their influence. To date, this has been achieved mainly through the internet.

The Order follows a code called the Seven Points, which forms the Mont value system.

While the Mont Order has many individual members, we also have the ear of existing activist networks and are constantly looking out to strengthen networks whose values we share.

Our motto is Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order and our symbol is a set of circles and bricks bound together in unity behind a stylized hooked blade or spear associated with the original Mont Order myths found on the Internet.

"The New Mont Order Dissidents", L'Ordre, Dissident Voice, July 11 2015 is a useful resource for finding out the nature and origin of the Mont society

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