The Mountain, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

What is the Mont Order?

The Mont Order, call it Mont or the Mountain (La Montagne), is a global club and multinational society with the intent to positively influence politics and international relations. Areas of key interest to our members are the development of alternative media and opposition to inequality and hegemony.

The Mont Order is sometimes called a secret society. We don't necessarily share the identities of our members, size of the Order, or the content of our discussions with the public.

Justice and global unity are our shared goals: Haereditas, Concordia, Ordo.

The Order follows a code called the Seven Points, which forms the Mont value system.

"The New Mont Order Dissidents", L'Ordre, Dissident Voice, July 11 2015 is a useful resource for finding out the nature and origin of the Mont society

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