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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Order's destiny and the errors of nationalism

Based on the concerns expressed to me by one of my loyal and devoted brothers from the Order, I feel compelled to make the following comments to the public blog and to my own blog, The Mont Order Digital Blessings Front. My brother is wise and his judgment should not be questioned by us.

The Mont Order should not commit any resources to support nationalism in any form, and should not entertain any theory about the rights or destiny of any nation in any statement issued. My own opinion is that no nation deserves any devotion or to be treated with any respect or authority.

The Order preceded all the nations in the world is more enduring than them. It is more worthy of celebration and devotion by humanity than any nation. To us, the pompous might of each nation, including the United States of America, is but a passing blemish on the face of mankind and we will eliminate it.

We were present when the Roman Empire fell to the flames of inevitability, and we will be present again when the American empire is destroyed. Our agents will not cause it, but nor shall we do anything to prevent the fall of the blade of justice upon that regime.

I do not ask our members to forsake their nations, but be clear that a nation is parochial and bound to the land. The Order has no such weakness, transcending all borders, all geography, and all time through the gift of God that we call the Internet.

We were present when the nations were created, and we will be present when they are all eliminated and all tribal devotions are eclipsed by humanity's common destiny.

Inheritance. Equilibrium. Order.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Introducing D. Helene's "Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Self-Expression"

Dear Readers,

Life in the West is not all that some may imagine. While superficially and materially there may (or may not) be more to content one’s self with the vast majority of people are often stuck in the “rat race,” a seemingly never-ending struggle to keep up with the norms of a society that largely ignores the spiritual health of its members and while appearing more affluent than many of us in the East they are locked into a mind-numbing and soul-crushing existence where even the simple pleasures of living that we sometimes take for grant are missing. “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” – the US particularly exemplifies this existence while in my observation it would be more aptly described the Land on the Unconsciously Enslaved within the Heart of Fear. A powerful elite has obtained almost complete dominance of society in a way that is quite pervasive and intrusive. The Occupy Movement named that elite the 1%. Only the 1% by my estimation actually enjoy to some degree the freedom of that society; a freedom they use to err greatly.

By contrast the life of the 99% is one dominated by hierarchy, bureaucracy and the expectation of mental slavery. Where if you don’t keep up and shut up you might easily find yourself struggling even to survive in a place that otherwise looks like paradise. A place where being poor is seen as a crime and being truly free is viewed as subversive. To free one’s self from the chains of mental slavery – as per the words of the famous song by Bob Marley – one really must attain to a spiritual awakening and real freedom.

One of my family members experienced this life first hand. She was changed by that experience. Living under such duress of pretend affluence working for the boss from hell in none other than the fashion industry, I could no longer recognize the kind and loving sister I once knew. She exhibited even some psychosis – waking in the middle of every night cursing and moving around in an agitated state within her apartment while I visited her once in New York City. I engaged her in her dream state: “Who am I?” “You know damn well who you are, you f@#$ing b^*ch,” then saying the name of her boss. This is not an acceptable “side-effect” of pursuing one’s dream, neither was the disguised poverty or anorexia. I wish she had given up that rat race then to pursue her bliss rather than a mere objective of superficial affluence and high fashion.

Our associate D. Helene has written a book addressing all these issues while giving insight upon what life is like living in that society. Most importantly she addresses the conundrum of a very modern life in Southern California; how to free one’s self from the struggle of living paycheck-to-paycheck in such an affluent, consumerist-based via a spiritual path. Although ostensibly a fictional account I sense that the author has lived out these experiences in one way or another.

You can sample her unique style in her self-published work “Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Self-Expression” here and see if her work resonates with you. I certainly wish my sister could have read it when going through her career and personal struggles years ago.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Statement on the Creation of the Mont Order Security Council (5 June, 2015)

On 5 June 2015, the members of the Mont Order "Club" (also "Associates"), consented to the creation of the Security Council of the Mont Order. The Security Council will be a body distinct from the Club but part of the whole Order, and will exist for the purpose of the improved coordination and security of the Order.

The decision to create this new body is informed by the rapid and successful enlargement of the Mont Order's total membership, and the accompanying security concerns that have been raised relating to the previous limited structures and means of communication used by the Order.

The members of the Security Council agree to involve themselves, where possible, in authorizing resolutions and decisions relating to the continuity, security, and efficiency of the Order.

As the Order continues with its current goal to include over 100 declared parties in its broader Club, as advanced at the February Conference of 2015, the members of the Security Council look forward to designing new ways to accommodate the needs and interests of all parties of the Order on the principle of mutual security and support via online media.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

"a new and truly confederate order of high morals and sterling law is the answer"

"I support the People of Novo Rossiya but I discerned months ago that there are those who are seizing power in the country the same as who will sell the people out to their enemies and so-called friends. The current leadership will slowly purge all the true patriots and those who ask for their full rights. It is much the same as we can perceive in so very many historic situations. Even why Communism and Capitalism have failed as an ideology, rather than strive for the rights of all and true equality a few subverted the order to their own will. They use every sort of divisiveness to make people fear and turn ethnicities and an orientation to oppose those different from them to retain power.

Therefore, a new and truly confederate order of high morals and sterling law is the answer not only in Novo Rossiya but to some degree in every corner of the world. Sovereignty resides by natural right with the individual, then family, their neighbourhood / village and in concentric circles to that of the nation and the community of nations. A nation egalitarian and free ruled directly by the people rather than authoritarian structures ruling by so-called "law" and any false ideology.

I think some have dreamt of this in Novo Rossiya or at least completely rejected the corrupt and morally bankrupt rule of oligarchs and tyrants; tired, beaten and scattered by war and an evil chaos, I can understand how true heroes are forsaken. It will require a spiritual revolution to sustain a drive anywhere to achieve the freedom all seek to enjoy. There are those who cling to life before freedom while still hoping to enjoy it one day. I understand that.

However, I myself have forsaken three nations that did not allow me to live freely and I do whatever I am able to support the freedom and lives of all others. I pray for those who remain in Novo Rossiya. (And for those who remain behind everywhere.) And send salutations to those who journey to the far shore! Blessings All!

Keep Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds all of your days!"

This post originally appeared on our associate Robert Wei's Blog "The Flutter of my Sleeve" entitled "What All Desire but Fail to Achieve & A Farewell to Heroes: Observations on the ousting and assassination of certain figures in NovoRossiya" in January of this year. It reflects only his personal opinion and not the opinion of all members of the Mont Order. We hope that you will consider his position.

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