About Lordre

On the name, Lordre

The name I use here for both myself and the website is Lordre, as in L'Ordre, but made to look less French this time round. The French means "The Order", and is more a description of what I talk about rather than who I am.

Although it may disappoint many, I have nothing to do with Lorde, that pop singer whose name looks similar at first. See that my name has an extra r in it, just before that e, when you next look at it.

A history with controversial topics

Having published for years at Dissident Voice as L'Ordre (something I hope to continue), I aim to provide regular commentary on controversial topics such as politics and faith. Discussion of controversial topics has increased, along with interest in marginal voices and causes, and they are going to be the focus of my writing here.

I have no political alignment with left or right, although I may hold strong views on specific topics that may be denounced by others as belonging to some enemy of theirs. I am not here to put forward any ideology and do not see any use for that. The way I see it, there are just specific causes and entities one can support, oppose or be indifferent to. They do not always fit prescribed worldviews.

An example of what I might post is this first one, from October 2021 when the site was still under construction. It talks about my thoughts on entertainment, specifically Amazon's Lord of the Rings prequel series and the most recent 007 movie, and how I believe many are frustrated about imagined political agendas in entertainment without even watching it.

An independent view?

Whereas my previous published work was associated with a particular publication, this blog is independent and allows me to not hold back my real views. However, don't be alarmed. Even though here I can post anything I want, I have decided to avoid professing certainty about anything, and to maintain a polite and respectful tone.

This column aims to be interesting to anyone of any background, and to make people aware of more marginal conflicts and issues in our world that would otherwise be ignored. Sometimes I may write about a specific issue, typically within foreign policy, on which I may take a firm stance.

How often?

Posts will be every two weeks at the rarest, and hopefully more frequent. It really depends if there is a lot of recent news to talk about, or if I have to dig up some matter of particular interest to me that I find it timely to talk about.