About Lordre

I am a UK-based writer with a history of social criticism at other publications. My real name is already known to anybody it would have any significance to, and I am not trying to be famous.

On the name, Lordre

The name I use here for both myself and the website is Lordre, as in L'Ordre, but made to look less French this time round. The French means "The Order", and is more a description of what I talk about rather than who I am.

Although it may disappoint many, I have nothing to do with Lorde, that pop singer whose name looks similar at first. See that my name has an extra r in it, just before that e, when you next look at it.

A history with controversial topics

Having published for years at Dissident Voice as L'Ordre (something I hope to continue), I aim to provide regular commentary on controversial topics such as politics and faith. Discussion of controversial topics has increased, along with interest in marginal voices and causes, and they are going to be the focus of my writing here.