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The Mont Order has gathered internet users into special lists since 2014 and given random forms of help, collaboration, product-sharing and influence-building to esteemed authors and dissidents. The purpose of this site is for information only.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Mont Order in late 2016

The main Mont Order society has not undertaken any effort to expand its core membership or form any cohesive organization throughout 2016. Instead, I kept the Mont Order at a low profile.

This was a deliberate result of the Mont Order's nature as a loose collective, and not the result of setbacks or problems. During the innovations of 2016, the Mont Order's network expanded from a small few to a much greater size. Various members joined the core group on their own initiative without any outbound effort being made to invite them, proving the level of gravity and influence inherent in the Order's online public image.

Despite this, some projects were attempted to broaden the Mont Order's influence in 2016. Of those that can be made public, there are the following:

#MontOrder (Twitter hashtag) now providing 7 or 8 retweets automatically when used by members only

The #MontOrder hashtag suffered for a period due to sudden policy changes by third parties automating online content to Twitter. Such policy changes were clearly made for the sake of profit by the organizations involved, and came at the cost of quelling the voices of bloggers who relied on free solutions. In the Mont Order's case, alternatives were found and are now in place. If it is part of a trend, however, such actions by online companies could be disturbing.

The possibility of disturbances as described above seem to warrant the need for a larger and possibly more active community. I am already vetting new members whose ideas coincide with the Mont Order Code, and additional projects like those listed will aid me greatly in this.

It is quite possible that the Internet will enter an apocalyptic phase soon, in which the spaces of weak publishers, alternative media, and lone bloggers of the type I aim to preserve are suffocated by corporations and monopolists. Look out for instances where you suddenly have to pay for little things that used to be really cheap or even free.

If this deterioration of online media occurs, we have to band together. We will eventually need each other's guidance and resources to find a solution. A club such as Mont may prove not just useful but essential under such conditions. On this basis, I appeal to people not to go it alone but to be included in our lists at the Mont Order, if only for the possibility of it being helpful someday.

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