The Mountain, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Mont Order new candidates set to get invitations

A HUNDRED new individuals are set to be invited to join the Mont Order (#MontOrder) society this March, starting from Saturday 18th.

Mont Order
Don't be alarmed, the Mont Order are not actually running around with swords, just our books, pens, microphones and keyboards etc.
Our new associates have been specially selected for their value as prolific, fierce online dissident writers and creators. Among very few enlightened individuals discovered through online searching and observation, their quality makes them highly suited to join the Mont Order.

I guarantee I will redesign our social media sharing strategies to accommodate all their voices, and I am going to extend every available gift to them that an online group can offer. These chosen few will never regret saying yes to their sudden membership invitations.

If you are one of the selected candidates, I guarantee you will enjoy being part of this society. I have watched your writing with care, some even for years. I haven't just pulled these names out of a hat.

Mont Order activity and vision

We have no strict ideology. However, I do expect our members to remain incorruptible dissidents, ever ready to criticize corruption and failed governments and never prepared to vindicate them or make excuses for them. The highest good is to sacrifice everything for the truth. It is for this reason there exists a Mont Order Code.

I put forward the example of Jean-Paul Marat, the greatest writer of the French Revolution, as my own inspiration, and I hope you will take him as your own if you join us at the Mont Order.

Members who join the Mont Order benefit from increased visibility in social media (particularly Twitter, the world's #1 most influential site) through various boosts provided by Order robotic content and human web users. However, the primary benefit is that your membership can be added to your biography as a dissident. This will potentially connect you with other dissidents ever ready to help and offer sympathy.

At any moment, our global network could expand drastically in scale and influence and you will in a supreme place to benefit.

All new applicants to the Mont Order are welcome

If you are not one of the selected candidates, but you now set out to be a member of our Mont Order, I welcome you. This website has a suitable guide on how to join and take part in the Mont Order to varying degrees. See Joining the Mont Order to get involved in the Order from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. I don't make any demands of anyone.

Mont Order oath of humility and denial
Not something you will have to do by being involved in the Mont Order, except if you really, really want to

There are no strong obligations attached to membership in the Mont Order. Many of us join solely for the honor of being included members of an Order. If you join us only to follow our words and offer none of your own, you are still welcome and your name will still be carried with us loyally.

Those of you who join us will get a chance to participate in a key conference on 20 May (1 Prairial) that will feature video, email and online publishing to iron out differences and agree upon a balanced position for the Order to take in addressing the strange political environment of 2017. While political movements and states crumble, I believe the Mont Order can relentlessly develop and adjust to survive forever.

We aren't just an order in the fraternal sense but an order of mind, an order of events, a planned order of things. I believe we will never be an "organization" but a "name" that has reverberated through all time, despite its variations, so the Mont Order cannot be destroyed but only altered.

Friend of the Mont Order

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Measures meant the automatic sharing continued:)

Sorry for any earlier confusions over the previous post. Thanks to various backup measures already in place, Mont Order members will still see their posts being automatically shared at all my channels. That digital service will extend to any new people joining the society in March and April.

Friend of the Mont Order

Friday, 3 March 2017

Faults in the @MontOrder feeds will be repaired in April

I apologize that the main blogs of Mont Order members have now sadly terminated at our shared feeds in both social media AND the main website. This was a failure by a third party pulling support to a previously free, voluntary rss feed mixing service, similar to earlier problems I had as internet monopolists try to exploit and impoverish publishers. The feeds will be published by another service and will be replaced and improved in April when new blogs are added from new members. I hope to welcome up to 100 new good names to the Order then, but some channels will fall silent until those changes occur.

See the secondary Twitter account @montordercode for everything our members are sharing until April.

Friend of the Mont Order

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