The Mountain, or the Mont Order, is a multinational society interested in influencing politics and international relations.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Mont digital sharing restored early

Through no effort on my part, all services maintaining the Mont Order members' digital sharing are back.

The previous announcement, which laid out the possibility of disruption lasting all the way until 4 June, is not valid now.

As with the the setup for recording the upcoming conference, everything is now responding perfectly again. Nevertheless, the possibility of disruptions is always present, and members should be aware of this and point out anything unsatisfactory.

The Mont Order's digital audio conference date for the year 2017 may be 22 or 29 July, but a final date is still yet to be decided by us. I will send out more messages shortly.

Friend of the Mont Order

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Digital sharing may experience faults to 4th June

Mont users might, in the worst case scenario, expect the following faults in their writing being shared digitally over the next 7 days:

#1: on various social media, the feed mixing service being used to combine and share creative Mont Order members' writing across websites and social media is offline as of the time of writing. This may cause awkward silences on social media up until 4 June, when it can be expected to either come back online or I will labor all day to create my own solution for Mont authors. Be aware this is a problem affecting many more people than just us. It must be disruptive to a lot of people and I will be surprised if it is not fixed already by that time.

#2: on Twitter, the retweeting arrangement for the #MontOrder hashtag was weakened. I will not go into the specifics but I know exactly how it happened. There will still be retweets of the hashtag, but not as many. Something will be done about it on 4 June.

On another subject, the recording faults that stopped a conference on 20 May taking place are now solved. Now, the conference can be held without incident. I suggest 22 July. A higher number of Order members showed interest in taking part in this one than any previous online discussion announced, making it unfortunate no discussion took place.

So, while the technology is unpredictable and frustrating, in human terms the Order is very active and growing.

A proper announcement will go out soon showing the final date for the 2017 conference.

Friend of the Mont Order

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