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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Statement on the Condemnation of the Ukrainian Regime by the Mont Order (6 September, 2015)

On 6 September 2015, the members of the Mont Order Security Council expressed the strongest condemnation of the ruling regime of Ukraine, which has held power over the people of Ukraine since an unconstitutional coup d'etat in 2014. Since this time, the Mont Order has watched as the regime integrated openly fascist criminals into its military and security forces and committed numerous war crimes inside Ukraine, including massacres of civilians in Odessa Oblast and Donetsk Oblast.

The Mont Order considers that this is an illegitimate regime, and that it has not been sufficiently condemned in the international community and by civil society for its fascist associations and its crimes against humanity. As a civil society body, the Mont Order believes that an avalanche of criticism of this criminal regime using all the tools of the Internet is necessary. The Order considers that anyone who supports the current Ukrainian regime in or outside of the conflict zone should be given the treatment of a Nazi collaborator and any state providing funding or arms to Ukraine is a state sponsor of terrorism.

While this regime considers that anyone who criticizes its brutality and illegitimacy is a Russian agent, the Order expresses that our association is not aligned with any single nation-state and has no agenda other than our own members' priorities. We are a diverse network with connections all over the world and our reasons for condemning regimes and recognizing their illegitimacy are our own.

We are not deterred by or interested in the Ukrainian regime's attempts to threaten its critics and opponents. This weak regime can do nothing to silence us.

Ukraine is not currently the worst regime in the world or the only regime that we condemn, and the Order may publish further lists of so-called states that we consider to be illegitimate. Such statements will be decided and authorized by the honorable members of the Order.

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