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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Changes to the Mont Order main websites

The website of the Mont Order international writers and editors' society has been rebuilt in the last few days for simplicity, with a new red and white color scheme and new features added to draw visitors to our members' works.

You can see the new layout and features of the website by visiting

Various changes were also made to the main Twitter feed at Rather than receiving "shout outs" and all posts by our top members being linked there, all the tweets will be automated and created to adhere to the same orderly template. Each post will link directly to the Mont website. That won't be a big detour away from your writing, however. In fact I am giving your writing even more of a platform.

On the Mont Order primary website, there is now a single updating feed that features literally all the posts from Mont Order-friendly blogs. Watch for this: whenever a tweet about your latest post goes out from @MontOrder, people who see that tweet can click the link to the Mont Order website and quickly see a link published there leading to your article.

The Mont Order "info" Facebook page will only share posts of the same uniform style as the Twitter feed, too.

Sorry about this: don't attempt to email-post articles, posts and promotional material to the main website anymore as I once suggested. I have switched this off! Just update your own blogs, where your attention is needed, and the Mont Order site will share your links automatically via the updating feed displayed there. I'll manage the big "announcements" at the main site.

Expect announcements to be rare and typically shorter than this one, as I am often just too busy with my own jobs. Also, I'm okay with the Mont Order releasing position statements on political issues again, if our members bring them forward and we can approve them.

I feel all these changes help to tidy up the Mont Order public image on the web and make us look more united and of a common mind. Common color schemes, symbolism, imagery and of course the use of a central web address for the society itself all help achieve this.

Now I am confident in the way everything is functioning technically, I will be undertaking some promotional activity for the Mont Order main website soon to increase its reach and its value.

Meanwhile, there is a private shared wiki I am steadily working on at and some of you who are likely to be the most active users there will be given full access as soon as possible. Observers and casual members who aren't too bothered with the Mont Order's name and its mysteries can ignore this feature. Among other things, I will be hoping to create useful profiles on each of our top writers at the wiki, so expect a possible request for your bio.

As many of you should be aware, the Friends of the Mont Order group created by Raincoaster is proving to be a great success at Facebook ( with new members joining every day. If you have not joined already, I recommend doing so immediately. It had 581 members when I last looked and included people I never thought the Mont Order would be connected with. It's quite possible it will grow to many thousands, given how much of a magnet it has been so far,

As a reminder, Mont Order members are entitled to free (not digital but physically real and made of metal!) badges featuring the Mont Order's seal in gold and black. Expect an email offering you one if you haven't already received one. I also have three free physical, real copies of the Mont Order Code on my desk right now that I'd be happy to mail out alongside your metal badge.

Those of you who have participated in audio panels, Google Hangouts and Skype conversations can look forward to similar digital gatherings in the future, as they are going to remain a key aspect of our group going forward. Overall I think they were the most rewarding part of being in the Mont Order.

All debate and discussion at our panels has been informative and constructive. I hope to invite more of you to them and I also encourage you to invite and recommend others to participate next time, too. I don't have any date planned for the next one, although October and February were months we did hold our conferences on for two years.

Friend of the Mont Order

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Clinton's policy for the internet

"(Alec) Ross's only big idea in this book (The Industries of the Future) is that, thanks to the rise of new technologies, we are entering a new era, one in which countries will need to decide just where to be ideologically... open versus closed... Consequently, any country that would like to limit, or at least slow down, the pillaging of its economy and resources by global corporations will be classified as "closed," its leaders immediately labeled "control freaks" or "neo-Luddites... Ross's argument, or rather its style, leads to the eventual depoliticization of extremely political and contentious issues by wrapping them up in the empty, futuristic language of technology and innovation. Technology talk furnishes the seemingly innocent vocabulary that allows the U.S. government to bypass any organized resistance to the sort of neoliberal measures—more privatization, more austerity, no controls on movements of capital—that used to constitute the agenda behind the so-called Washington Consensus. All these measures, from privatization of industry to the radical reform of labor markets, are now presented as the reasonable and future-oriented option that would allow developing countries to leapfrog right into advanced, knowledge-based capitalism."

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sanders v. Clinton on Palestine: No Contest

"Clinton leads an international campaign to attack the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement and urges Israeli and U.S. students to attack that movement. She accuses BDS of being anti-Semitic."

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Increasingly Unstable United States

"All this time, the United States has been truly losing its authority in the rest of the world. It is indeed no longer hegemonic. The protestors and their candidates have been noting this but consider it reversible, which it is not. The United States is now considered a weak and unsure global partner."

Brazil: Coup or Fiasco?

"What a successor movement of the PT might do would be to return to its roots as a consistently left anti-imperialist movement. This will be no more easy than it was for the PT in 1980. The difference between 1980 and now is the degree to which the modern world-system is in structural crisis. The struggle is worldwide and the Brazilian left can either play a major role in it or slip into global irrelevance and national misery."

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