Trump's Truth Social network's ridiculous rule

Donald Trump's echo chamber app, Truth Social, which can be expected to be banned at some point in app stores, bans criticism of itself and probably of Donald Trump as well.

Not a good plan

My own view, expressed in an earlier post, was that this app might benefit Trump if it was introduced sometime around the next US presidential election as a means of creating publicity and controversy. However, it has instead started up just about now.

The companies that provide app stores don't allow people to download the other conservative alt-social media apps, such as Gab (which is a complete and utter nightmare of an app because of the lunatics using it, as I also explained in my earlier post). Sooner or later, Truth Social will just be banned too, making it no better.

More censorship

What is worse is the platform's apparent hypocrisy. Banning criticism of itself is about the most extreme a social media platform can go. It seems as if all this is just intended as personal revenge over Trump's Twitter account being removed.

Censorship should not be in the hands of companies and people who control them, such as Zuckerberg or Trump. Censorship is essentially a form of law enforcement action and should only be practiced based on the decisions of courts or orders handed down by government authorities, local or national.