Let us consider Macron's attack on "anti-Zionism"

On 21 March, French President Emmanuel Macron was reported to have absurdly claimed that opposing Israel is treasonous, referring to "anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism" as "enemies of the Republic", according to France 24.

Macron's statement is unfortunate for him, if anyone of a reasonable mind is to read it, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, despite how stupid and evil it is, racism (and the specific variants of it, such as anti-Semitism) is absolutely not any form of treason. Racism is more likely to be a trait of people with staunch national loyalty than those who would become traitors, so even the seemingly good part of Macron's statement is factually incorrect. If you doubt me, consider whether virtually every national hero in French history is likely to have shared modern sensibilities that allow us to reject racism. Saying racists are enemies of France would be a drunken and illogical remark.

What country is Macron loyal to?

The especially bad part of Macron's reported statement is his own expression of intolerance toward the criticism of Israel (anti-Zionism). Here, he accidentally fails to expose any traitorous behaviour other than his own. Demanding some form of allegiance to a foreign government by condemning all criticism of it would make Macron himself the enemy of the Republic.

Even impolite, more objectionable criticisms of Israel, statements that Israel is an enemy and must be bombed, and so forth, would not be incompatible with being loyal to France. Those statements may be incredible irresponsible, and they could even be criminal, but being loyal to France is solely defined by one's relationship to France and not to other countries supported by Emmanuel Macron.

America forcing loyalty to Israel

What Macron was trying to do, and what other French politicians are likely trying to do, is something that has also been done in the United States and has been advocated in Germany by some lawmakers. In the United States, people are forced by law in some states and government bodies to pledge their allegiance to Israel. US Conservative politicians see supporting Israel at all costs as essential to America, and their blind fervour drives them to extreme hostility towards Muslims.

Muslims are unable to accept Al-Quds as the capital of a hostile country that undermines their rights, and their religion would require them to be anti-Zionist. Trying to criminalise belief and brand millions of Muslims as internal enemies is not only unjustified but may put the people doing this on the same moral footing as anti-Semites, specifically the 1930s anti-Semites who created the Nuremberg Laws.