Labour will justify the cost of living crisis, not solve it

The Labour Party has proposed a windfall tax on energy companies' excess profits, but they also want to intensify the sanctions on Russia that are to blame for the cost of living crisis.

Danger to pensioners

A windfall tax can backfire by discouraging investors and result in the energy companies raising prices even more. It can also take significant money away from pension funds that invest in the energy companies while expecting them to make significant profits, creating a danger to people's pensions and threatening the very people most at risk in cold winters.

Flipflopping mastery

Most importantly, flipflopping and moralistic posturing by Labour's leadership, and their lack of willingness to apologise for anything they do, equips them more to make excuses for a cost of living crisis than to solve one. It is more realistic that Labour will take action against people who talk about the cost of living crisis on social media and try to brand them as agents or fake accounts from Russia, rather than deal will the crisis itself.

Let's starve for Ukraine

The most realistic prediction of what a Labour government would do about the cost of living crisis is to talk at length about their windfall tax, fail to implement it in Parliament, blame the Tories, and then push for increased sanctions on Russia that will clearly worsen the cost of living crisis. Any increased sanctions on Russia, of course, will be implemented, as the imbecilic foreign policy handed to London by the demented halfwit in Washington is the only thing both sides in Parliament currently support.

In a Labour government, ministers would insist that supporting pointless Ukrainian and NATO confrontations with Russia is mandatory, and that costs of the war must be endured by everyone, even if they have to starve.