Journalist goes to dungeon, as scribblers embrace war

Julian Assange is expected to be extradited soon, once the order is approved.

At the same time, the loyalist war hysteria related to the fighting in Ukraine dominates what is left of a supposedly free press. It should be noted that while Assange faces punishment, the journalists presented as legitimate by governments and the media are increasingly deranged and embrace violence, wishing all manner of censorship, adversity and even death on people who disagree with them.

Sponsored screeds

Jean-Paul Marat referred to a majority of journalists as “prostituted scribblers” who come to the aid of whoever is able to buy the most power or wealth, to be sycophants. This is most clearly the case in the United States and the United Kingdom alike, where approving and getting behind the most heavily sponsored “cause” as its cheerleader is now the only recognised or approved form of journalism.

In Ukraine, our journalists may simply be the photographers of corpses, on hand to be sent wherever a dead body is found, to photograph it and caption it as the work of the “aggressors”, thus rewarding whoever found the corpse and drinking the propaganda of the blood, regardless of how such a body came about and scarcely with any interest in its former identity.

Dominant discourse

Most of the labelled “independent media” appears to be falsely labelled thus, and a majority of “journalists” seem not to be journalists but in fact vile combatants, who would deserve no protection internationally and in fact their death or absence would have no effect on people’s access to truth, and may even be met with cheer. The same cannot be said of the victim of the state, Assange, whose very punishment is the result of him increasing people’s access to truth (that much is not denied even by governments themselves, which hold it against him, preferring instead scribblers who parrot their justifications for increased murder and misery).

One can only hope things are not so bad.