Upgrading from moderation to state censorship?

Elon Musk reached a deal to buy Twitter, even as the businessman listened to grievances about the social network's cavalier suppression of information. Within 48 hours of that news, the Democrat administration was creating a new body dedicated to handling the “disinformation” it finds troubling online.

And what the Biden administration finds most troubling is not necessarily the things that may do harm to Americans, but conversations that may undermine the administration's legitimacy and future electoral prospects (say, questioning the 2020 election result). In other words, the first reaction of Biden's tinpot regime to any resurgence of First Amendment rights was to worry about itself.

Censorship by any other name

One can suppose the new censorship board is meant to replace the apparently imperilled corporate censorship that was carried out by Twitter under regime pressure. The very suggestion of any reduction of such censorship got the mainstream media hot and bothered.

The seeming willingness of Democrats to turn to state censorship, if that is what we are seeing, is significant. Twitter being a private company rather than a state agency has been a defence of the company’s heavy-handed actions in suppression of information for years (I never bought this argument, although certain anti-statists did). Right libertarians will never accept a government censorship body, nor will the anti-statist left.

Cold Civil War to grow more visible?

Individual US states may resist the authority of this federal body. As such, the stupid move of the people who seemingly resent the First Amendment more than anything else will contribute to the Cold Civil War. It may result in content being hidden in some US states (namely the Democrat-controlled states, which will be ever more fearful of the free circulation of information), while in other states all content will be available.

The events just further expose the fantastical lack of ability to maintain any principles at the Democrat-controlled White House. This failing is equally true of regime apologists, who believe everything it does is somehow automatically conducive to liberty and other American values even when it clearly is not.