Why you should punish Labour on May 5

Ahead of local elections on May 5, there is a chance that many in Labour heartlands could commit folly and forgetfulness, to vote for that complacent party and miss their chance to punish it.

The Conservatives don't have much to offer deprived areas of the country, especially as they are contributing to a cost of living crisis, so voting for them is hardly an appropriate suggestion. However, Labour is in many ways the enemy of such regions in a more direct way. The current Labour leadership has demonstrated continuous contempt and condescension towards many working class people in England.

Keir's Biden-Kamala Ticket for Britain?

Far from being the party of working people, Labour is now simply the party of college liberalism, trying to base itself wholly on the Democratic Party in the US.

Keir Starmer is essentially presenting himself as Britain's Joe Biden, with nothing to offer other than not having the messy haircut of the eccentric current PM.

Party of snakes and ingrates?

The Labour Party has no concern for local communities, preferring to impale the land with whatever standard the party's national leadership told it to bear, even if it means destroying your home and berating you for being there. This much is evident from their lack of consideration for preserving local greenbelt land, as the party answers much more to its donors than local communities. They would rather see construction zones and their sponsors' logos everywhere, than happy constituents. In the process, Labour councillors prefer to insult people rather than to stand up for them when it comes to this issue.

Labour's current leaders are the ones who have the greatest determination to re-join the European Union, as the party and its leader Keir Starmer are still filled with frustration and hatred towards their own English base who voted for Brexit in 2016.

You may be forgetful enough to vote for Labour this time, but Labour leaders will never forgive you if you voted for Brexit. If you should cast your vote for them now, Labour's scum leadership will only see you as some half-witted enemy they managed to trick. These ingrates, even after receiving your vote, will only cite such a vote to berate you and prove that their narrow interests have some democratic mandate because they successfully tricked you.

Far from representing the people or standing up for the people, the Labour Party's primary goal is to cajole people into agreeing with the leaders of the Labour Party. Those leaders in turn have goals that are informed by their donors. The party is unmoved by yearnings of local communities or even by any kind of decency, which is why they have none. Their ideas originate elsewhere, aloof, in Labour Party offices, and their job is to foist them on you.

Give the Greens a go

It would be wiser to turn over a new leaf. It would be a good idea to go, at least temporarily, to an alternative. The Greens are a particularly attractive one, maintaining a number of policies that are to the left of Labour, and they emphasise localism.

One valid complaint may be that parties like the Greens are inexperienced with governance, and that only Labour can deliver. However, simply voting for people who have pre-existing governing experience over and over again is no different than backing the incumbent and refusing to participate in a democracy. In addition, a Labour Party pushed into crisis by increasing competition from the Greens would eventually see major defections to the latter, which would transfer the necessary governing experience to the Greens. It would also pressure Labour back to a more sensible course, and sensitivity to the people's wishes.